YouTube Launching Food Channel; A Look into Suzanne Tracht’s Kitchen

• Former Food Network honcho Bruce Seidel will head up a forthcoming YouTube channel about food. [NYT]

• Eric Ripert recommends the best airport dining around the country. See how his list stacks up to ours. [WSJ]

• Students at Roosevelt High are petitioning LAUSD to bring back “food that we can enjoy eating, rather than the ‘healthier’ food that we just throw away.” Oh, stop whining and eat your ancho chili chicken. [Mercury News]

• How about a look into Jar chef Suzanne Tracht’s quaint cottage-style breakfast nook? It’s pretty adorable… [Green Bay Press]

• States are increasingly enacting legislation to limit purchases of junk food within the use of food assistance programs. [LAT]

• Fake meat maker Gardein is hooking up with The Green Truck to give free food to bloggers. Go get ‘em, voracious peers! [Market Watch]

• Healthy Linda Loma is getting its first McDonald’s. Now will anyone actually go to the devotees of “pink slime?” [Telegraph UK]

• An L.A.-based man who posed for a photo several years ago was shocked to see his leg was removed in the image for an internet ad about diabetes. [NYT]

• Is Moscato the next Cristal? The sweet wine’s popularity is surging, thanks in part to shout-outs by rappers like Drake and Kanye. [NPR]