Woo Lae Oak and Gonpachi Retire on Restaurant Row

Options abound
Options abound Photo: Karl Blackwell via Flickr

Why drop a fortune at Woo Lae Oak when you can head to Soowon Galbi or Park’s? Why fuddle around with Gonpachi’s wan U.S. branches when Matsuhisa is across the street? These must have been the questions every savvy diner asked themselves, as Eater reports that both Woo Lae Oak and Gonpachi have shuffled off of La Cienega’s restaurant row in the past week.

Gonpachi is survived by a sister location in Torrance, while fans of Woo Lae Oak’s braised eel on hot stones may have to look a little further away for gratification. Fortunately, L.A. still has a few (zillion) options for dynamic Japanese and Korean eats, if you know where to look (everywhere). [Eater; Eater]