What Alpana Learned From Cheese at Pastoral


If you were surprised to learn that Alpana Singh went straight from a corporate position at Lettuce Entertain You to working a cheese counter at Pastoral a few weeks back, it made more sense once you heard about the wine bar she plans to open— she was going back to cheese school for a graduate course. As she explains in a new post at her blog, “My knowledge of cheese had always quantified as enough to be dangerous. I know how to pair the various styles of cheese with an appropriate wine match but I had always been curious to learn more about the actual producers.”

Her post contains a number of tips that fans of good cheese could put to use, including “Do not cross contaminate a blue cheese knife with a non-blue cheese product otherwise you risk spreading the mold inducing spores… Keep in mind cheese needs to breathe as well — some once a day, others once a week.”

I Aim To Cheese