Watch One of Martin Yan’s Noodle Dancers From M.Y. China

Photo: Courtesy of M.Y. China

As we told you last year, pioneering cooking-show celebrity Martin Yan (Yan Can Cook, Wok With Yan) is opening a restaurant on the fourth floor of the Westfield this year called M.Y. China. The opening date has now been pushed to mid-May, but today we get a preview of one of the live noodle dancers who’ll be prominently featured in the middle of the restaurant, hand-pulling noodles, and doing the noodle dance.

The restaurant is a collaboration between Yan and Willy and Ronny Ng of Koi Palace fame. And in addition to the theater of the dancing noodles, Yan earlier said he wanted to “give people a glimpse into the tastes of China” beyond Chinatown.

We’ll of course bring you more details as the late-spring opening date approaches.

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