Two Tenderloin Markets Sued By City; Mitt Romney Gets McDonald’s in Florida

• The City of San Francisco is suing two neighborhood markets in the Tenderloin for aiding in the fencing of stolen goods and hosting drug transactions. [SFist]

• A Twitter meme took off yesterday among chefs using the hashtag #kitchenpetpeeves. You’d better believe Hapa Ramen’s Richie Nakano (@linecook) ran with this one. [SFoodie]

• Check out this rather impressive cocktail chart poster, detailing ingredients and glassware in a kind of color-wheel format, for like a hundred different drinks. [Alcademics]

• Pepsi is going to be spending $500 million in new marketing efforts to catch up to Coca-Cola. But c’mon. Will they ever … really? This has been going on for a century. [Crains]

• Wealthy Mitt Romney is just like everyone else, and he proved it by eating at McDonald’s. [Note/ABC News]

• Last year’s drought has beef supplies down and prices up. [USAT]

• But don’t think you can just switch to lamb — sheep farmers are having trouble keeping up with demand. [Salt/NPR]

• TV producers are attempting to heal the longstanding Pakistan-India rift with a reality cooking show called Foodistan — unfortunately, it’s not really working. [AP via HuffPo]