Top Chef Contestant Ty-Lör Boring Is Naked, Again

Proud and endowed? Photo: Courtesy Bravo

As a current Top Chef contestant, Ty-Lör Boring has made no secret of his previous tenure as a gay pinup model it's all right there in his season nine casting video, in fact. And while this NSFW photo of the guy from Butt Magazine has been floating around for a bit, Fleshbot has found another shoot of the chef that can best be described with the phrase "balls to the butcher block." (Perhaps taking a page from the Anthony Bourdain publicity playbook?) If you must, head on over to the site (NSFW) to see Mr. Boring with some IKEA furniture, where a commenter has noted that, eerily, Mr. Boring "looks like he could be Sufjan Stevens' grungy naked brother." Which brings us to our main question: Which Top Chef contestant past or present should get naked next? After all, you know it's just a matter of time. [Fleshbot, Related]