The James Weird Awards: Inappropriate Restaurant Mottos and the Greatest Taco Crimes


You know what’s weird? Thinking that calling a community board member a “communist” will speed up the liquor license process; vomiting up half a dinner then rallying to get through dessert; and emu eggs, in general. For more weirdness, check out the James Weird awards, straight ahead.

• Boners BBQ is a very real restaurant in Atlanta (tagline: “Put a little South in your mouth”) with a very real need for a PR professional who will advise the staff against posting mean messages about their customers on Facebook. [UnMarketing]

• A group of disgruntled Hong Kong stockbrokers took to the streets to protest plans to shorten their lunch break by 30 minutes. Under the new rules, the employees’ break would be limited to an hour instead of an hour and a half, which was already shorter than the two-hour break they had enjoyed in the previous year. [HuffPo]

• Buzzfeed has compiled a list of the 30 best taco-related crimes, leading us to ask yet again: What is it about tacos that inspires such weird behavior? You don’t hear about people being so destructive in relation to hamburgers. [Buzzfeed]

• Ron Silver, owner and chef of Bubby’s, told employees at the restaurant’s Yokohama, Japan, branch that he expected the food to be “fuckin’ fresh.” When the employees questioned him, he reiterated: “I mean fucking fresh, man. Do not fuck around with this thing.” They took his advice to heart, and now, two years later, “Fuckin’ fresh” is the shop’s wildly successful motto. [Gawker]