The James Weird Awards: Marijuana Mouth Spray and Streets of Animal Blood


After last week’s shenanigans, a slight drop-off in weird food news was to be expected, but we still saw penis cakes, geoengineered food, and strange PR stunts in the mix. For more, check out the James Weird Awards, straight ahead.

• After receiving a box of Georgetown Cupcakes from some colleagues, Senator Harry Reid immediately re-gifted the box to members of the press, claiming, “My staff is far too fat.” He then dubbed one reporter “the cupcake man” and made him responsible for distributing the confections. [Washington Scene]

• Streets in a town in northern Poland literally ran with blood when the sewer system underneath a local slaughterhouse became clogged. Video shows the blood gurgling out of street drains like rain after a heavy summer rainfall, and yeah, it’s pretty gross. [HuffPo]

• A crowd of chanting protesters descended on a restaurant in Canberra where Australian prime minister Julia Gillard was attending an Australia Day awards ceremony, forcing her to be escorted out by riot police. A more elaborate version of the dine-and-dash, perhaps? [Daily Mail UK]

• A medical-marijuana mouth spray (providing “maximum benefit without feeling high”) could be headed for distribution next year if its manufacturer can get clearance from the FDA. It’s like a munchies inducer and a breath freshener all in one. [CBS St. Louis]