CB2 Happy With the Smile’s Liquor Plans

Smiles all around!
Smiles all around! Photo: Hannah Whitaker

We often report on the frustration that many bar and restaurant owners feel when they face their various community boards, but at the Community Board 2’s SLA committee meeting last night, the Smile’s co-owner Matthew Kliegman sailed through the process with his bid to upgrade the shop’s beer and wine license into a full liquor license. Even Zella Jones, the noted Noho activist who frowns on most liquor-license apps (including this one at one time!) gave a nod of approval: “I honestly can’t say there is another establishment in Noho that personifies the neighborhood. It’s very low key and has a very nice clientele. So I’m … in favor of granting this because I’m really afraid of what might happen if someone else took over this location.” [Earlier]