Taco Bell Launches ‘First Meal’ (a.k.a. Breakfast)

Eat four meals a day here. Repeat.
Eat four meals a day here. Repeat. Photo: Courtesy of Taco Bell

You’ll recall that Taco Bell has long been encouraging you to use them as a late-night drunk-food destination with their Fourth Meal ad campaign. Well, now they would like you to return in the morning for breakfast, which they’re calling First Meal. The new menu debuts in ten states starting January 26. And the list of approved First Meal foods is just as gross and wonderful as you might expect.

A bunch of locations in Southern California are already running the new breakfast menu, which includes things like this gooey, kind of delicious-looking sausage-egg-and-cheese burrito thing. (Taco Bell calls it a “crunch wrap.”) There are also several other breakfast burritos, egg sandwiches made with French toast (!), skillet egg dishes, sausage biscuits with gravy, hash browns, and “Cinnabon delights.” What, no chilaquiles? We could even see Taco Bell getting away with calling them Breakfast First Meal Nachos.

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