Scott Youkilis’s Meaty New Project Takes Shape [Updated]

The Maverick/Hog & Rocks owner is expanding again soon.
The Maverick/Hog & Rocks owner is expanding again soon. Photo: Courtesy of Scott Youkilis

The new BBQ/hof-brau place on 19th Street we heard about from Maverick chef-owner Scott Youkilis is moving along, and today Grub Street discovers that a rumored name for the place has made its way onto a liquor license application: White Bread BBQ (3416 19th Street). [Update: Youkilis has asked to stop the presses on this one, saying that that remains just the working title. He and his partners want to make a formal announcement about the name and the opening time-frame next week.]

As reported earlier, Youkilis and partners Eric Rubin (Hog & Rocks), and Dave Esler have installed a 7,000-pound smoker in the basement, and it’s going to be a counter-service kind of place modeled on Fette Sau in Brooklyn and hof braus of old. Think big plates o’ pork with sides of white bread, pitchers of beer, and a bourbon-focused cocktail menu. [Grub Street, Earlier]