Sam Adams Wants You (Actually, Everyone) to Design Their Next Beer

Brewer Dean Gianocostas and Chef David Burke. Are you this good?
Brewer Dean Gianocostas and Chef David Burke. Are you this good? Photo: Tim Correira

Grub Street received a missive yesterday from Sam Adams announcing the launch of a new contest: The Samuel Adams Crowd Craft Project. They want you to help design their first “crowd-sourced” beer. Yes, really.

Of course, the drama will unfold on Facebook. Visit them there to declare which characteristics would make up your “ideal ale.” Color, clarity, body, and flavor are up for debate. Sam Adams’ brewers (like Brewmaster Dean, above) will select the top picks in each category and whip up the collaborative ale. Of course, it’s not the first time that Sam’s gone the populist route. A few months ago, they shot commercials around town and asked fans to confess their sudsy passions.

This endeavor involves a whole new level of trust, though. Filming giddy beer fans is one thing; bottling their wildest dreams is quite another. The beer will be unveiled in Austin (not Boston) on March 10 at social-media guru Guy Kawasaki’s Girl + Guy party. The concoction will also be on tap at their Boston brewery. And maybe, just maybe, if it’s good enough, the new beer will actually hit store shelves.

Beer by committee! Is Menino going to weigh in?