Portlandia Video Break: ‘We Can Pickle That!’

You better believe they can pickle anything.
You better believe they can pickle anything. Photo: IFC

As many of you probably know, Portlandia’s second season premiered Friday. And since San Francisco and Portland are such closely related cousins, especially when it comes to our respective food scenes, we must bring your attention to this sketch, “We Can Pickle That,” which was one of several food-related mockeries from the first episode. Also, the IFC folks have put up a funny little URL, wecanpicklethat.com, where you can pickle any website. Here’s ours!

Coincidentally, when they were in town recently for a stop of the Portlandia tour, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein were spotted at Bar Tartine, which is known for their pickles.

Also in the first episode, they make fun of the mixology craze, in a sketch featuring Andy Samberg. Heh.

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