Video Captures Police Shooting at Monterey Park Carl’s Jr.; Ace Hotel Coming To Downtown

• A video placed on YouTube shows yesterday morning’s slaying of a man, shot ten times by police, after he was caught breaking windows at a Monterey Park Carl’s Jr. [NYDN/KTLA]

• At least until the episode airs, hear Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern gush one more time about how completely, totally kick-ass everything is in Los Angeles. [Hollywood Reporter]

• The Ace Hotel is coming Downtown, taking over The United Artists Building with 180 rooms and a new restaurant. [LAT]

• Westfield Concession Management has been awarded a major food and retail contract at LAX. So don’t say we didn’t warn you that the airport is probably getting a BJ’s Brewhouse. [LAT]

• Should you happen to be at Sundance, and should you happen to be reading this blog rather than cavorting with celebrities in designer snow boots, here’s where to eat. [NYDN]

• Starbucks is expanding its boozy concept to a handful of new stores in Southern California and Atlanta. Wonder if you can get a Venti beer? [NRN]

• Food allergies are not as rampant as people think, though deadly ones are on the rise. [WP]

• Hey, here’s a great idea for combating climate change! Simply change local weather to benefit crops — because it’s not like that will have any wide-reaching repercussions. [NPR]