Peninsula’s Shabuway Expands to the Richmond, Takes Oozora Space

It's like meaty fondue.
It's like meaty fondue. Photo: Courtesy of Shabuway

Well, ladies and gentlemen, after about eight months, Oozora Sake House (5120 Geary) has closed, and coming shortly in its place will be a fourth location of popular peninsula shabu spot, Shabuway, which already has outposts in San Mateo, Mountain View, and San Jose. Actually, if you count the location that owner Eiichi Mochizuki opened in the Philippines last year, this would be their fifth location. Anyhow, we’d just like to point out the coincidence that this new hot-pot restaurant is arriving in the same space which was, until 2010, another shabu place called Hot in the Pot. [Grub Street]