Why Is News of Paula Deen’s Diabetes All About Anthony Bourdain’s Reaction to It?

It's her problem, not his!
It's her problem, not his! Photo: Getty Images

No one seems more annoyed by the media frenzy around Bourdain’s reaction to Deen’s trending sickness than him, but it has gotten a little excessive. Not to mention, the press is looking for him in all the wrong places! (Camping out at Les Halles is simply les stupide, CBS!) Worse, people are putting words in his mouth: “For the record: Never called anybody a ‘diabetic scam artist’. TMZ’s words. Not mine.” Oh, the price of being a handsome, witty, and vocal fried-doughnut-burger-lady hater. Don’t worry, it’ll be yesterday’s news soon (we hope). [No Reservations/Twitter]