Caffeinate Like the Cool Kids

What is it about this bottle shape?
What is it about this bottle shape? Photo: Courtesy Stumptown

We made the exciting discovery the other day that the new Pok Pok Wing stocks Stumptown Stubbies, those little bottles of cold brew the size of a Red Stripe and much more potent. Speaking of being in the know, the Kitchn brings word today that In-N-Out isn’t the only establishment where you can order off-menu. The blog presents three drinks you should be able to request at the more reputable coffee shops (according to the boys from L.A.’s Handsome Coffee Roasters — coming to the Fidi soon). There’s the cortado (essentially a mini-latte), the Gibralter (double shot espresso with a drip of milk), and one drink that’s having kind of a moment right now … that Aussie latte-cappuccino hybrid, the flat white. So go forth and be a bigger coffee snob than you already are. [Kitchn]