Caffeinate Like the Cool Kids

What is it about this bottle shape?

We made the exciting discovery the other day that the new Pok Pok Wing stocks Stumptown Stubbies, those little bottles of cold brew the size of a Red Stripe and much more potent. Speaking of being in the know, the Kitchn brings word today that In-N-Out isn't the only establishment where you can order off-menu. The blog presents three drinks you should be able to request at the more reputable coffee shops (according to the boys from L.A.'s Handsome Coffee Roasters — coming to the Fidi soon). There's the cortado (essentially a mini-latte), the Gibralter (double shot espresso with a drip of milk), and one drink that's having kind of a moment right now ... that Aussie latte-cappuccino hybrid, the flat white. So go forth and be a bigger coffee snob than you already are. [Kitchn]