Nuckin’ Futs Proves Australians at Least Have a Good Sense of Humor

Nutty! Photo: Spreadshirt

Forget all that “fuckin’ fresh” stuff in Japan: A brand of nuts called “Nuckin’ Futs” has been cleared by the Australian Trade Marks examiner, meaning it can go on sale across the country. There had been some concern that the name was far too corny a little too risqué for a national snack product, but according to Sky News, Nuckin’s trademark lawyer argued that “fuck” and “fucking” are part of the “universal discourse of the ordinary Australian.” Nuckin’ still can’t be marketed to kids, but some Aussies are fairly certain that this ruling will pave the way for a bunch of other fucking Australian products with somewhat dirty names. We bet David Chang, who just opened a Momofuku in Sydney, can probably think up a few good ideas. [Sky News Australia]