Michael White’s Taste in Pies: Decidedly Square

With a mighty thick crust, too.
With a mighty thick crust, too. Photo: Chefbianco/Twitter

Plywood went up a few weeks back for Michael White’s upcoming East Village pizzeria, Nicoletta, and it seems the toque has been readying things in other ways as well. Yesterday, chef Bianco tweeted a photo of some tasty-looking (square!) pizza, with the words “Nicoletta Test Kitchen tonight. Thick Cut Pepperoni, Onion, Mushroom … ” So, is he going … Roman … here? Meanwhile, White’s not the only chef tweeting photos of upcoming dishes. Seamus Mullen posted a picture of something that looks a little less finished: a pile of dead pheasants. So look for that on your plate at Tertulia soon. [Chefbianco/Twitter]