Signs of the Apocalypse: Mars 2112 Probably Closing

At least we'll always have this memory.
At least we'll always have this memory. Photo: Melissa Hom

Uh-oh: Seemingly in synchronicity with ancient Mayan prophecies, it appears that Mars 2112, the fourth largest planet tourist trap from the sun, has closed. Reached by telephone, a representative from Mars 2112 said the restaurant is closed “for renovations today,” and a PR representative tells us they cannot offer any information. But famed auctioneer Michael Amodeo has two massive, back-to-back auctions listed tomorrow for more than 100 amusements and arcade games (Smack N Alien Redemption!), along with the contents of a 600-seat restaurant (including “Space Theme Dining Rooms” and “Space Figures”) at the address, so we’re either looking at a total closure or some kind of apocalyptic shift to the restaurant’s theme.