More Details on Mare’s Switch to Oyster Bar

Looks kind of like an Edward Hopper painting, huh?
Looks kind of like an Edward Hopper painting, huh? Photo: Facebook/Mare

Yesterday word spread that gemmy organic North End spot Mare Natural Coastal would suddenly morph into an oyster bar. We’re all in favor of oyster bars, and the neighborhood could certainly use more of them, but why the big switcheroo? We obtained answers and info about their seafood-y new menu (still overseen by the same chef).

Exec chef Greg Jordan is still in charge. Organic, locally grown vegetables are still center stage. And their old menu will still be available.

However, the main focus is going to be oysters, people. Six to eight varieties, per a Mare rep, all from Northeast farms. Jordan will also add more seafood to his menu, including a hot (or cold!) lobster roll, Alaskan king crab, raw fish, and an octopus salad.

Also expect a makeover at the bar, which will be remodeled to befit the bivalve concept (oyster bar display, shucking station, and more seating). Jordan also hopes to add more local brews to the menu.

The restaurant reemerges from remodel in early February. Will you check it out, or will you remain faithful to Neptune Oyster?