How to Make Ludo’s Banana Guacamole for The Super Bowl

Ludo Lefebvre and a giant banana
Ludo Lefebvre and a giant banana Photo: Yahoo!

Ludo Lefebvre kept the F-bombs stored safely inside of his mental walk-in to play nice for a cooking demo with Yahoo’s family-friendly Shine blog. To spice up the Super Bowl, the French chef is using his home kitchen to offer instruction on a few creative comfort eats like garlic chicken wings and gruyere gougere, which translates much less romantically to pigskin fans as “cheese puffs.” Our favorite recipe, because it’s the easiest to make and allows us to hear the chef say “ba-na-nah” a bunch of times, is the banana and almond guacamole he’s using with crab meat at the latest run of LudoBites. Sure, the man makes cooking very difficult recipes look easy and all, but we can’t imagine anyone could screw up this guac. Through the demo, the chef also takes time to wax wise on families that prep together and the pleasures of eating with one’s hands. Check out this video of Ludo’s Super Bowl recipes and upgrade your stash of Dorito’s with these easy-to-make snacks.

Game Day Party Food: Guacamole, Wings and Cheese Puffs [Shine/Yahoo!]