L&E Oyster Bar Opening in Silver Lake Tomorrow

Here it is, r-a-w!
Here it is, r-a-w! Photo: Alen Lin via Eater

Eater offers a glimpse into L&E; Oyster Bar, a new concept from the owners of Bar Covell that appeared magically overnight, sort of like a bivalve Brigadoon, in the former home of Domenico. We don’t know how craft beer finds the time, but it will be included here to back up the brine, along with a selection of wines hanging over the bar. Urban Daddy reports that the restaurant will open tomorrow night, with oysters from both coasts and a subdued approach to those nautical themes that typically make us seasick, with just ten tables and a little al fresco action on the sidewalk. L&E; Oyster Bar will be Ready And Willing tomorrow night at 1637 Silver Lake Blvd. Silver Lake. 323-660-2255.

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