Kirstie Alley Does the Rumba at Cheers to Promote Healthy Eating


This is more of a Friday headline than a Monday one, but we’ll take it. The former star of Cheers and Dancing With the Stars visited her old stomping grounds over the weekend to perform an impromptu rumba. “This isn’t a moneymaking thing … I just love to dance. I really got the bug. I don’t care what kind of dancing it is,” the Globe quotes her as saying. Things didn’t get off on the right foot, however.

Apparently Cheers chef Fouad Hairoufe showed up to work in the morning and was shocked to find someone shimmying in his dining room. “I said to the front desk person, ‘How did these people get in here?’ and I was told, ‘That’s Kirstie Alley,’”’ said Hairouf. ‘Yeah,’ I said, ‘and I’m George Bush.’”

But even if Cheers isn’t a place where everybody knows your name, Alley charmed the baffled chef and invited him to hit the dance floor with her. Alley and partner Serge Onik plan to visit other locations in 100 days, dancing wherever they are and posting daily clips at the website to inspire non-celebs to lose weight on the dance floor. This is even better than Shaq’s spontaneous musical performance at Cheers last year, don’t you think? Check out the awesome clip.

Kirstie Alley Returns to Cheers to Dance [Globe via Eater]

Kirstie Alley Does the Rumba at Cheers to Promote Healthy Eating