JM Curley Bans Douchebags from Bar

Dude. Photo: istockphoto

Hee hee! The brassy folks behind new downtown bar JM Curley took to their website to issue a few ground rules for prospective patrons. Faux pas include “groping, grab ass, mauling, sucking face, canoodling, or heavy petting,” as well as coveting thy neighbor’s “manservant” or dining companion. Shrieking, flatulence, and obnoxious cell phone use is also frowned upon. Oh, and finally, disgruntlement-prone diners beware: “Exaggerating or lying on Yelp, Chowhound or to anyone who can’t fix the problem is for yellow-bellied cowards.” It’s food and drink, “not life or death.” Duly noted, good sirs. Props to Adam’s Hospitality for enlightening us on this one. [JM Curley]