Hugh Acheson’s Impassioned Ode to Southern Food, Subtle Jab at Paula Deen

The Hughnibrow reflects.
The Hughnibrow reflects. Photo: Melissa Hom

In a highly enjoyable, first-person story on Eatocracy today, Hugh Acheson passionately defends Southern food, which he insists can be healthy because the cuisine is — helllllo — rooted in vegetables and local crops. Regarding his experience with Paula Deen at a Texas book festival, where droves of fans came out to hear her blab about grits and J.C.Penney, Acheson’s portrayal of the event screams awkward. He retells the story as such: “I then decided to ask a pertinent question, at least to me. The question was, ‘Do you think that Southern food has had a start and a finish or do you think it’s something that continues to evolve?’ If there ever was a moment in time where I was speaking Esperanto to the Korean grocer on the corner, this was it.” [Eatocracy/CNN]