Hotel Lincoln to Reopen in March; Heavy Coffee Drinking For Your Health

• The Hotel Lincoln, the empty, Shining-like building in which Perennial Virant sits like Lloyd the Bartender, will finally open as a renovated, “California-style” hotel in March. [Sun-Times]

• Heavy coffee drinkers may be at lower risk for type 2 diabetes. We’ll resist the bad-taste urge to make some kind of Paula Deen joke here. [NYDN]

• Speaking of La Deen, she reportedly spent the night before her diagnosis announcement at New York’s Asellina, where she hailed “the best tiramisu she’d ever tasted.” That must be some effective drug she’s hawking. [Page Six/NYP]

• Here’s a list of six “extreme” canned beers, bro. [SE]

• If you’re finally going to indulge those supper club ambitions, here’s chef Michael Mina on throwing a dinner party for 18 or more. [WSJ]