A New Sushi Hot Shot Has Replaced Hiro Sawatari at Niko

Goodbye Hiro, hello Kwang.

Sushi Yasuda-alum Hiro Sawatari has left his post at Niko on Monday only to be replaced immediately and enthusiastically by Kwang Kim, a young sushi superstar who has already made a splash by way of Morimoto. The Hiro-Niko split is reportedly amicable. This is big news for Nikofiles, as Hiro brought a lot of street cred to the culinary cove of beautiful people, but many are saying that Kim has even more worth behind the Mercer Street sushi bar. Plus, he brings with him a sushi-lady-chef, and where have you seen that lately? Incidentally, we hear that the design has been updated, too, emphasizing the "spectacular bones of the space," with a warmer, timelessly Soho style. Sake. Please. Now.