Some Boozy Details Leak Out in Greg Kelly Rape Accusation

Romantic! Photo: Andrew Karcie

Just about everything in the case of Greg Kelly — the son of NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly and TV host who is accused of raping a 30-year-old woman last October — is, in a word, gross. And a couple of new details maintain that trend: First up is the Daily News report that the boyfriend of Kelly’s accuser “proudly take[s] responsibility for single-handedly ending a famous restaurant chain’s all-you-can-drink policy” with his amateur rugby team, which is just a ridiculous way to describe someone. The other, more pertinent detail is that immediately before the alleged attack, Kelly and his accuser reportedly hit up Jeremy’s Ale House — romantic! — for a few drinks before heading back to her office. Classy stuff, all around. [NYDN]