Green Grocer Wins Round 1; NY Times Adds To Elite Pile-on on Deen

• West Town locavore shop Green Grocer won the first round in a lawsuit against an alleged copycat business, Urban Orchard, whom it says stole trade secrets. Urban Orchard sought a dismissal of the suit, but the judge ruled against it. [Local Beet]

• A man talking to police in the parking lot of a Tilted Kilt in Schaumburg suddenly shot himself last night. [Sun-Times]

• Frank Bruni nibbles on the Paula Deen debate by arguing that thin food writers eat the tiniest of portions and looking at Smart Chefs Stay Slim, a new book about chefs and the scale. [NYT]

• The eating habits of the Brits are being described at “lazy” and “ugly,” a stereotype that may or may not be exaggerated, considering a report that more than half their meals out are burgers or kebabs. [Guardian UK]

• Butchering is the new black; not only are vegans choosing careers around the cleaver, but eaters are interested in every bit of information they can obtain about the meat they consume. Which probably makes them severely annoying jerks, but is generally a good thing. [NPR]

• Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are on an eating escapade in Nola, lapping up beignets at Café du Monde and ice cream at Creole Creamery, proving that New Orleans can turn even a Gossip Girl into a hungry girl. [People]


Green Grocer Wins Round 1; NY Times Adds To Elite Pile-on on Deen