Goat Town’s Mondays-Only Tex-Mex Menu a Hit With Expats

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Smoked goat meat on Texas toast. Photo: Danny Kim

Goat Town chef Julie Farias may have done time at Café Boulud and Le Bernardin, but she hasnt forsaken her Texas roots. To prove it, shes just launched a sensational Mondays-only Tex-Mex menu, a tribute in part to her familys San Antonio meat-market-cum-tortilleria. On the ticket: sopa de lima, barbacoa salad, cheese enchiladas, deep-fried puffy tacos, and house-smoked goat meat on Texas toast by way of the neighborhood Japanese bakery (pictured). Will picky Texas gastronomes approve? Ill be here every Monday! crowed an ecstatic San Antonio expat on a puffy-taco high the other night.