Gem Brings Tater Tots With A Side of Russian Dressing Downtown

Do you *really* need another sushi roll? They wonder.
Do you *really* need another sushi roll? They wonder. Photo: Facebook/Red Lantern

Big Night Entertainment Group shocked everyone with Back Bay’s Red Lantern. Critics expected a slinky martini-n-buddha-esque glamfest; what they didn’t expect was better-than-average food. Now the Barons of Booty Bumping have confirmed another venture, this one at 42 Province Street. It’ll be called GEM, which sounds very 80s, but maybe it’s a jewel, too?

According to Stuff, “the restaurant and lounge is aiming to be an aesthetic love letter to private English dining clubs and Jacques Garcia’s so-chic-it-must-be-French Hôtel Costes - but with none of the haughty pretension.” Oh swoon! On the menu: “white-corn quesadillas with duck confit or tater tots with green onions and Russian dressing.” A unique concept, as something tells us that Britain’s exclusive private dining clubs don’t offer tater tots drizzled with salad dressing. Yet.

The group still plans an Asian-themed spot along the waterfront, too. GEM plans to open “early this year.” Stay tuned, dahlinks.

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