It’s an Exceptionally Bad Day for Nostalgic, Failing Family Restaurants

Makes our heart melt.
Makes our heart melt. Photo: istockphoto

Lately Friendly’s has been more battered than a limp french fry. Things have gone even further south for the Massachusetts chain with today’s news that they’ll shutter 37 eateries, including one in Bedford, as part of the bankruptcy-protection process. The Globe reports that about 780 people will lose their jobs. They shouldn’t apply at Brigham’s, then: The Belmont location, one of only five Brigham’s restaurants left on Earth, served its last ice cream cone yesterday. It opened in 1932. The closest surviving Brigham’s is in Arlington Heights, where we once ate a chicken pot pie with an ice cube in it. Makes us long for the days of Bailey’s (remember that place?). [Globe, Globe]