Fresh & Easy Closing Twelve Stores, But Opening 24 More

Fresh & Easy
Fresh & Easy Photo: Eurofruit via Flickr

British-owned Fresh & Easy is doing a little soul-searching in the new year, planning to “temporarily” shutter twelve of its worst performing stores in three states in the next two weeks. O.C. Register reports that Fresh locations in Baldwin Park, Ontario, Anaheim, Fountain Valley, and Hemet will be among the SoCal stores shuttered, while stores as far as Vegas and Phoenix will also be closed. A spokesman for the company says the brand’s profits have been steadily growing since being introduced to the U.S. but that “there is simply not enough growth in sales and customers at these stores to keep them open. We will close these stores over the coming weeks and we will re-open them when economic and business conditions warrant.” Elsewhere, Fresh & Easy plans 24 new locations in more profitable climes, with some planned as an “Express” version of the grocer. Already, four new stores are planned for Orange County alone in February. [OC Register]