Another Chance to Help the Food and Finance High School

How can you resist?

Last spring Grub brought you news of our lunch at the Food and Finance High School (does tilapia-raising in the basement ring a bell?), as well as the fund-raiser they were holding at the Food Network. Well, if you missed that, there's another chance to help out the school — which prepares its largely low-income student body for culinary careers — and another chance to try the kids' cooking. Crowd-funding platform Lucky Ant is featuring the school on its site until January 23, and between now and then the students hope to raise $17,500 to finance a one-night pop-up restaurant they'll put on in May. There's a benefit for every level of pledging, from a copy of the students' cookbook if you donate five bucks, on up to two seats at the pop-up if you can spare $500. And really, would you rather spend it here? [Lucky Ant, Earlier]