Another Chance to Help the Food and Finance High School

How can you resist?
How can you resist? Photo: Courtesy the Food and Finance High School

Last spring Grub brought you news of our lunch at the Food and Finance High School (does tilapia-raising in the basement ring a bell?), as well as the fund-raiser they were holding at the Food Network. Well, if you missed that, there’s another chance to help out the school — which prepares its largely low-income student body for culinary careers — and another chance to try the kids’ cooking. Crowd-funding platform Lucky Ant is featuring the school on its site until January 23, and between now and then the students hope to raise $17,500 to finance a one-night pop-up restaurant they’ll put on in May. There’s a benefit for every level of pledging, from a copy of the students’ cookbook if you donate five bucks, on up to two seats at the pop-up if you can spare $500. And really, would you rather spend it here? [Lucky Ant, Earlier]