Of Course Flyers Fans Brutally Beat Rangers Fans In Front of Geno’s Following the Winter Classic


Even in the absence of its often outspoken and overly-blinged founder, Joey Vento, cheesesteak mill and mook magnet Geno’s still remains a lightning rod for controversy. And Monday night was no exception. Following the NHL’s Winter Classic Game, in which the Philadelphia Flyers squared off against the New York Rangers, violence erupted amongst fans of both teams who were waiting in line. According to Action News, a Flyers fan threw the first punch. But just as quickly as the Rangers fan swung back, two or three other Flyers fans jumped into the melee, knocking the New York fan to the ground, where they continued beating him. Nice, huh? When his friends came to his defense, they too were beaten to the ground. No one’s certain what triggered the violent outburst. Our best guess is, the Rangers fan didn’t say “wit” when ordering his cheesesteak. A bystander captured the fight on video and posted it to You Tube, where it was promptly removed. Ahead is Action News’ copy of the clip.

Winter Classic fans’ brawl at Geno’s caught on tape [Action News]