Fear Not, Pok Pok Wing Has Been Blessed by Thai Monks

The mark of the monk.
The mark of the monk. Photo: Jenny Miller

We noticed a curious symbol on the door of soon-to-open Pok Pok Wing, and proprietor Andy Ricker explained that while the Fire Department hadn’t yet been in to do its inspection, a Thai Buddhist monk had come by. The takeout shop required just one holy man, Ricker said, but when Pok Pok Ny in Brooklyn opens, he expects to bring in three, since that space is larger. The chef explained via text that “you are asking them to bless the business for good luck, protection, and to bring money. It’s a ritual performed at all new businesses, housewarmings, new car purchases, weddings, etc.” All of Ricker’s previous projects in Portland had been blessed by monks before they opened, but since there’s only one Thai monk in the whole of PDX he’s had to make do with that. Sounds like possible fodder for the new season of Portlandia. [Earlier]