Don’t Fear the Jelly Doughnuts; Dunkin’ Will Double Locations


• Tee hee: The Herald accidentally issued a “terror alert” on their homepage when promoting a story about Dunkin’ Donuts franchise operations. [Medialite]

• Speaking of which, as if there weren’t already enough orange and hot pink in the world, Dunkin’ Donuts has announced plans to double its U.S. locations over the next two decades. [CNN Money]

• Stop the (cookie) presses, there’s a new Girl Scout cookie in town. Dubbed Savannah Smiles, it’s a lemon wedge dusted with powdered sugar. [HuffPo]

• A step in the right direction: The FDA has banned the use of a class of antibiotics called cephalosporins in livestock raising. [LAT]

• Hotels are increasingly upgrading their restaurants to feel less hotel-y. But let’s face it, The Four Seasons and everybody else, you’ll never pull this off as successfully as the Ace. [WSJ]

• If you must think about detoxing this week, here’s Serious Eats’ favorite foods for getting the job done, from cottage cheese to cucumbers. [SE]