Dominique Crenn Discusses Her Critics, and Why There Aren’t More Female Chefs


“Unfortunately, there’s … not a lot of women still who want to be executive chefs,” says chef Dominique Crenn in a new interview with Eater National. “Maybe they don’t like the pressure of it or working in a male-dominated kitchen where there is so much ego … Maybe they want to have kids and a family, but I really don’t know.” She adds, interestingly, “I was talking to Elizabeth Falkner, and she is exhausted.” Perhaps Falkner doesn’t have an out-of-town project in the works after all? Anyhow, Crenn also discusses certain critics who shall remain nameless whose writing she’s “not crazy about” and who “should be working in another industry.” Do we think she’s referring to Kauffman or Bauer there? [Eater, Earlier part one]