Adorable Puppies Are Inspecting Your Luggage for Food

What really happens to your contraband carrots. <em>Awww</em>.
What really happens to your contraband carrots. Awww. Photo: iStockphoto

Anybody who’s ever filled out a customs form is used to the question that asks whether you’re transporting any food. Well, if that’s not your habit, you might want to start: At JFK anyway, the chief inspector of bags is a precious beagle named Izzy. Since passengers often try to conceal their imported edibles, Izzy is on the job to sniff them out. We imagine she’s probably not into weird things like “dried deer penises from China, lemon trees, roots and all, from Italy, goat heads from Haiti, and skinned pig heads for soup, from China.” Izzy probably much prefers it when she gets to inhale the fragrance of a delicious Indian mango, so try to remember to pack one of those next time. [City Room/NYT]