Half-Bacon, Half-Beef ‘50/50’ Burger Lands at District 13

The 50/50
The 50/50 Photo: District 13

While Agoura Hill’s The Lab will give your full money back if its burger doesn’t make your top ten list this week, Hollywood brat bar District 13 is busy beefing up its menu with seven new burgers, some of which are exotic enough to merit mention. The new list features burgers made from duck, lamb, and buffalo, attached to recommended beer pairings, though the most incredible introduction must surely be the “50/50” you see above.

While the name sounds like something you might have arranged in a backroom deal at In-N-Out, we’ve never glimpsed one of these being washed down with Revelation 3:20. The burger features a patty made with 50% Angus, the other 50% with bacon, topped with two of the earth’s greatest ingredients, avocado and egg, with bell pepper, jack cheese, and a chipotle aioli, priced at $13. Wrap your head around the new burger menu, featured below, and wrap your mouth around one of these if so moved at 1556 N. Cahuenga Blvd.


BURGERS add fries or beer battered onion rings for $2.50. (all burgers served on a brioche bun) (Not into buns? Can be served on a bed of arugula.)

D13 $10 - angus beef, aged gouda, mustard aioli, caramelized onion, bacon & micro greens
Recommended pairing - IPA

50/50 $13 - a 50% angus beef/50% bacon patty, topped with an egg, avocado, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo
Recommended pairing - Pale Ale

THE BACKYARD $10 - angus beef, brie cheese, grilled portobello mushroom, arugula, roasted tomato, piquillo peppers
Recommended pairing - Lager/Pilsner/Kolsch

LAMB $13 - lamb, tzatziki, feta cheese, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, garlic spread
Recommended pairing - Wheat/Witt

BUFFALO $13 - buffalo, chipotle chilies, avocado, monchego cheese, cilantro, chipotle ketchup
Recommended pairing - Wheat/Witt

DUCK $15 - bean sprouts, cilantro, and a swipe of wasabi mayo
Recommended pairing - Lager/Pilsner/Kolsch

VEGGIE $10 - garden patty, aged gouda, grilled portabello mushroom, micro greens, caramelized onions, mustard aioli
Recommended pairing - IPA