Defending the Mormon Diet; PFCs in Food Weaken Vaccination in Children

• Mormon food isn’t boring; in the words of one woman interviewed for this story, “sugar is the only vice we’re allowed to have.” [NYT]

• A study finds that restaurant owners who pay their employees liveable wages with benefits save more in the long run by reducing turnover and training costs. [BND]

• With apologies for anyone who had their hopes up: A new bill in Oklahoma prohibits human fetuses from being used in food production. [Two-way/NPR]

• Well, this is scary: New research suggests that PFCs, chemicals found in food packaging, weaken vaccines’ effectiveness in children. [Daily Mail UK]

• Le Bon Garcon, the confection company started by former Le Meurice apprentice Justin Chao, releases a new line of handmade, all-natural caramels today for Valentine’s Day called “Caramour,” expected to sell out before the big day. [Le Bon Garcon]

• Apparently vegetarians and vegans can find plentiful fine-dining in L.A., as long as they like sticking to hotel restaurants, says one station. [KABC]

• Following its purchase of Every Day With Rachael Ray magazine in October, Meredith has acquired for $175 million. [Crain’s NY]

• All your poor, beleaguered veggie burger wants is to become ever more like real meat. [WSJ]