Boom: Moscow Restaurant Explosion Kills Two

You blowing up that's good fantastic.
You blowing up that's good fantastic. Photo: BARBARA SAX/AFP/Getty Images

A fire fueled by two improperly stored gas canisters inside the kitchen of an Italian restaurant in southwest Moscow has killed two people and injured as many as 39 more, according to an Associated Press report. News channel RT reports that two gas canisters are thought to have ignited during the initial gas explosion, spreading the fire throughout the building. Both of the victims were employed by restaurant Il Pittore; two criminal investigations have been launched in the fire’s aftermath. Not good, and not the kind of scenes one would want any part of. Following last week’s mushroom foraging misadventure in Australia and that poisonous cat stew, 2012 already has a few too many unfortunate restaurant incidents. [AP, Earlier]