David Chang and Peter Meehan Bro Out Over the Hold Steady, Their Shared Persnicketiness

Half of the culinary odd couple.
Half of the culinary odd couple. Photo: Patrick McMullan

In a cute profile, The Wall Street Journal’s magazine, WSJ., tries to nail down the finer points of the sometimes cranky, sometimes lovely, and usually innovative collaborative relationship between the chef David Chang and writer Peter Meehan. The collaborators on the fantastic 2009 book Momofuku and newfangled food magazine Lucky Peach first met, apparently, at a Hold Steady concert in Greenpoint. Recounting the origin story of their friendship, Meehan says they were both really drunk and Chang gave him a beer. “I do occasionally regret knowing David Chang,” Meehan says, “but I do not regret taking the beer.” [WSJ, Earlier]