Score! Dudes Win $50K Playing Beer Pong

The playing field.
The playing field. Photo: GoJeffrey via Flickr

Note to college kids: Hone those beer-pong skills while you can. Two recent grads from Southern Illinois University proved that your formative years may be better spent getting a degree in drinking games. Last night, the duo of dudes took home a $50,000 prize in Las Vegas after claiming victory in the 7th Annual World Series of Beer Pong (brought to you, naturally, by the National Beer Pong League). While one winner plans “the best life in the world” with his half of the winnings, a more sobering point finds that the players could opt to drink water instead of beer during the competition, entirely erasing both the handicap and purpose of this so-called sport. Even still: Where do we sign up for the Flip Cup Championship? [NYP]