Citrus Growers Are Freaking Out About the Freezing Weather; Wendy’s Takes Some Inspiration From NY Restaurant

• Citrus growers in California are a little on edge after the second night of below-freezing temperatures in some parts of the state. [ABC]

• Michael Bauer would like hosts who don’t recognize him to please stop giving him crappy tables just because he’s there at 5:30, and for servers to please give everyone at the table a cocktail list. Thank you. [Between Meals/Scoop]

• Here’s a roundup of the best Bloody Marys in Oakland. [CBS]

• Because it’s been at least a week since we’ve offered you a 2012 trend forecast, here’s USA Today’s. The crystal ball says gourmet salt, Korean food, and seaweed will all have a moment. [Your Life/USAT]

• Wendy’s is now testing out an upscale burger they’re calling the Black Label Burger, which happens to be the same name used on the menu of the Minetta Tavern in New York. Former Minetta Tavern chef Mark Pastore is flattered. [Grub Street NY, HuffPo]

• It isn’t junk food in schools that’s making kids fat — it’s junk food at home. Does this mean the candy vending machines get to come back? [NYDN]

• Yuengling, the beer of choice for the Grub Street bowling team, is now the U.S.’s largest suds maker. [WBUR]

• In some cultures, eating with your hands is polite and the norm, and Westerners are finally catching on (hint: don’t use your left hand). [NYT]