Fonda Nolita Gets a No-Go on Booze From CB2

It's beer or nothing at this point.
It's beer or nothing at this point. Photo: Danny Kim

Dario Wolos went into Community Board 2’s SLA meeting last night armed with 5,000 signatures supporting his plans for a full liquor license at Fonda Nolita, which currently has a beer and wine license. But the SLA committee shot down his bid, claiming the area was already saturated with bars. Wolos pointed out that he didn’t want a bar, and that his goal “is to deliver an authentic restaurant experience.” In fact, he only plans to serve four different drinks, and no margaritas. Of course, that prompted committee co-chair Richard Stewart to remark, “If I can’t get a gin and tonic [at a restaurant], I’d leave.” He added, “Four drinks is not enough for me to say you should have a full license.” [Earlier]