Behold the Newly Reopened, Not-at-All-Divey Murio’s Trophy Room

Ceci n'est pas un dive. Photo: Brian Smeets/Grub Street

Longtime Upper Haight watering hole Murio’s Trophy Room (1811 Haight Street) closed last fall after some new owners came on board, and with the new year comes a new and shiny Murio’s. Gone are the Christmas lights and tacked-up caricatures, and in their place are some fresh surfaces, a brand new pool table, and some Moroccan-style light fixtures. Some will be comforted to find the old jukebox is still there, but this is definitely a new bar for a new era, and not likely to feel as comfortably kitschy for hip kids hoping to slum it. Below, a before-and-after comparison.

They should probably take it out of the "Dive Bars" category on Yelp now, right?

Photos: Yelp/Brian Smeets

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