POTUS Pie: Obama Orders Di Fara–Style Pizza in Vegas

Dom DeMarco, making a pie not intended for the president. Photo: Courtesy of Slice/Serious Eats

Apparently twelve pizzas (including sausage- and pepperoni-topped ones) and as many cannoli were delivered to President Obama's hotel suite in Las Vegas on Wednesday, the Review-Journal reports. They came from the two-month-old Dom DeMarcos Pizzeria & Bar, the Sin City outpost brought to you by the extended family of Midwood's sainted pizza man. DeMarco's says its pizzas are the same as Di Fara's "carefully handcrafted using closely guarded recipes and quality imported ingredients" so, you know, by extension, it's sort of like the president ate at Di Fara Pizza; take that, NYC DOH! [Las Vegas Review-Journal, Earlier]