Armed Robber Strikes Simi Valley In-N-Out, Now It’s Personal

In-N-Out Burger
In-N-Out Burger Photo: Wallslide via Flickr

A new fast food bandit might be on the loose, following last week’s report that an armed suspect had recently robbed seven chain businesses including Domino’s, McDonald’s, and Burger King in Northeast L.A. Last Friday, a somewhat similar suspect (a Latino man standing at about 5’8”) with a similar style (hoodie and jeans) approached an In-N-Out register in a not-so-similar neighborhood (Simi Valley) and slipped a staffer a note demanding money and implying he had a (similar) handgun, as reported by NBC News.

So far, police are not connecting the Simi Valley restaurant robbery to the recent rash of crimes in Northeast L.A., despite the parallels, causing copycat concerns. One thing’s for certain; you rob a Domino’s or a Burger King at gunpoint and you face our derision. Rob an In-N-Out and you really get us pissed. Let’s hurry up and catch this (these) dude(s) before our fries get cold. [NBC]